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Drain Cleaning

Many times property owners experience drain backups of some type indicating a problem in their sewer line. Before any attempts are made to resolve the problem, the situation must be fully diagnosed and evaluated. Often times sewer lines develop backups due to tree roots in the lines, settling, crushing, broken or even disjointed pipes, or possibly there is simply too much debris in the line. These problems can be diagnosed with a camera/video inspection. Our plumbers will snake a flexible video camera through your sewer line and then they can work with you on reviewing and determining the best possible way to correct the problems.

Once diagnostics are completed, Wheatland offers the service of jetting and drain cleaning. This is a high pressure system designed to blast away the buildup within the drain lines. A high pressure water hose with specialty designed tips is used to clean away the grease, sediment and waste debris from the impacted lines.

Our drain cleaning service can be an extremely useful long-term solution for a clogged drain that has been almost closed off from residue build-up, so don’t hesitate to call for an estimate.