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Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant Floor Heating is a versatile form of heating your home or business and works with any type of floor covering. Radiant floor heating keeps the heat near the floor where you and your family can utilize its benefits, not at the ceiling. The heat from a radiant floor system warms even the deepest corners of your home. The heating system is clean… dust and allergens present in a forced air system. But most importantly, radiant floor heating is cost effective and extremely economical, reducing your overall heating bill dramatically and giving back the energy to the environment. Energy experts calculate that you can easily save 25% of your heating costs with a radiant heating system.

Radiant Flooring 1The best time to install radiant floor heating is during the building process. Doing the insulation and tubing in the basement while you are building is ideal. You only have this one chance to do it. Then you can always add the heat plant and pumping system later when you finish the basement.

Radiant Flooring 2Radiant floor heating is the ideal form of heating because it evenly distributes the heat across the entire area. When your floor is warm, your feet are warm too, then the air that you breathe can be a little cooler and more refreshing. In a forced air system the air is circulated through the home, causing uneven heating, whereas radiant floor heating evenly distributes heat across the entire area.

Radiant Flooring 3The two major drawbacks to forced air systems is that hot air rises to the ceiling leaving the living area cold and the hot air escapes out the door, thus increasing your utility costs. With the radiant floor system, heat stays where it is supposed to… the home.

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